Why struggle to create your brand while trying to start, run or grow your business?  At Split Ink Graphics and Printing, we take the sweat out of it by creating designs that visually adds value to your presence in the marketplace.  After all, we don’t just design for where you are, we create brands that speaks to where you are going!



Brand Development, Marketing Material, Personalized and Promotional Items, Web Design and Custom Printing

Recent Clients

- Curb Appeal Lawn &        Landscaping, LLC

- Dr. Karen Hutchins

- Frontline Ministries

- Hope & Deliverance             Ministries


- Keech Carté

- KNS Institute

- Norman Hutchins

- Pastor Carrie Carter

- Restored Hope Financial Services

- Second Chance Financial               Management

- Ultimate Beauty Bar

- Victorious Life Fellowship Church

- Women of Dominion, LLC